Wilfork didn’t like the picks


Vince Wilfork didn’t feel like answering many questions after last night’s 41-14 victory against the Miami Dolphins. The media has all the answers he quipped as he left the locker room.

Today, he explained a little more about his frustration on WEEI’s Dale & Holley Show. The source of Wilfork’s anger was centered around hearing that a number of media members picked against the Patriots for last night’s game, he said.

The transcript is courtesy of WEEI.com.

“From what we’ve done and where we’ve been; this is seven years for me here,” Wilfork said. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen everybody like that go against us. I’m not living in the past. That’s reality. That’s real. I’m the last one to pay attention to the media and what the media says and all that, but you know what? At some point, [the game predictions] will come by my desk, or it will come by with me, somebody will put it up around the facility.


“At first I saw it, but I really didn’t pay it no attention. I was like, ‘OK, some stats they’re putting up.’ When I actually walked by and saw it, and I saw everybody — like I said, our own people going against us, it was like ‘Hmm, that’s pretty interesting.’ So, you know what? I could sit here and be pissed off all day and all morning, but I’m not going to do that. it’s OK.”

Wilfork went on to explain his comments.

“It’s kind of hard to come to work in your own back yard and have your beat writers for your own team that they see you every day, and every last one of them go against you. They have a job to do, I understand that. At the same token, you wonder why [players] act that way they act sometimes with them, because of stuff like that. So, you know what, last night. like I told them, ‘You guys have all the answers. We’re going to keep doing what we do.’

“This team that we have here, I’m very, very happy with this team. We responded this game. It meant a lot. Not just because a division win. It was set up for us to either fail of move forward. And I think everybody knew how to approach this game.”

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