Public perception divided on Randy Moss’s out route

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Randy Moss has divided public opinion on almost every situation in which he has been involved. Today’s trade to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for a 2011 third-round draft choice was no exception.

The consensus among those in favor of the trade was that Moss’s antics and diva-like attitude had run their course in New England, and that it was time to cut a potential distraction from the locker room before the situation became unmanageable.

‘‘I think it’s a great deal,’’ opined Rick Catalano, a 49-year old software developer from Medway. ‘‘It’s becoming more and more obvious that he wasn’t contributing to the team and it’s (coach Bill) Belichick’s mantra to eliminate that before anything grows out of it in a negative way.’’


Skeptics of the trade pointed to No. 81’s unique ability to stretch the field and be a consistent playmaker on an offense that could lack options. What the Patriots got in return was also heavily criticized.

‘‘It takes away their deep threat,’’ said Mattapan resident and UMass-Lowell sophomore Brian Ryner. ‘‘Brandon Tate is going to have to step up his game a lot. I think (Moss) is going to torch us when he comes here (in Week 8) and we don’t have anything to show for it.’’

Adam Sheldon, a bartender at The Fours, said he’d remember the good times with Moss.

“I’m definitely going to miss him,” said Sheldon. “We had a lot of fun, especially in ’07. But, you know, good luck.”

Read an expanded version of this story containing more fan reaction in tomorrow’s Globe. Let us know what side of the fence you fall on in our comments section.

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