Brady on Moss: ‘We deal with it’

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady did not meet the media during today’s open locker room session, but he did tape a segment for the Patriots’ All Access program. A portion was posted on the team’s web site, and it included Brady’s reaction to the trade of receiver Randy Moss.

“Randy really knows how I feel about him, you know I love him as a guy, as a person, as a player. He did a lot of great things for this team,” Brady said. “At the same time, I think coach Belichick feels that that’s what he needs to do for the team, so we as players, we deal with it and we move on. I think I’ve been around long enough to realize that nothing really surprises me, and the best thing I can do is be the best quarterback I can be for the team.”


Patriots All Access will be broadcast tomorrow at 7 p.m. on WBZ.

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