Patriots excited to have Branch back

FOXBOROUGH — Deion Branch was in the midst of getting a physical this morning and wasn’t available for comment about returning to New England. But there is a possibility he will address the media after the team’s afternoon practice.

If he does, we’ll bring those comments to you. In the meantime, here are some thoughts from the players about Branch coming back to Foxborough.

Patriots center Dan Koppen on his reaction to Branch returning: “I’m excited. Deion’s a good player, a good guy. A good guy to have in the locker room, Another guy to throw the ball to.”


“He’s just a good player, made a lot of plays for us in some big time games,” Koppen said. “You want those type of players on your team. He’s a good guy to have around.”

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman on Branch’s arrival. “I’m excited. He’s been here when they won Super Bowls and I’m going to be able to get to learn from another guy, another veteran and [we’re] happy to have him.”

Edelman said he watched film in the offseason to break down how Brady and Branch worked together.

“… [Branch’s] a phenomenal playmaker. He’s a guy that you strive to try to be like. He’s going to be awesome to have here.”

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