Charge dropped against DB Bret Lockett

FOXBOROUGH — A disorderly conduct charge against Patriots defensive back Bret Lockett has been dismissed, according to the Providence Municipal Court.

Lockett, 24, was arrested on Sept. 25 outside a nightclub in Providence and charged with failure to move and disorderly conduct. Yesterday, Lockett appeared at Providence Municipal Court, where the disorderly conduct charge was dropped.

If Lockett is not involved in an incident in the next three months, the failure to move violation also will be removed from his record.

Lockett, who is on injured reserve because of a chest injury, said he was disappointed about the entire incident but he is going to learn from it.


“I look at it as almost a learning experience,” Lockett said. “Anybody that really knows me, knows that’s not me. I’m kind of mad because now the public perceives it as me being a [jerk] when I’m really just not doing anything wrong.”

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