Belichick press conference

FOXBOROUGH — Patriots coach Bill Belichick met with the media today at Gillette Stadium in his final press briefing before Sunday’s home game against the Baltimore Ravens. Returning from a bye week following a 41-14 road victory over the Dolphins Oct. 4, Belichick remarked, “It seems like it’s been two months since we played Miami.”

Here’s an excerpt of Belichick’s remarks.

On the Ravens:“It’s good to get back out there. We had a good week of preparation. They’re a hard team to get ready for. We’re doing the best we can and hopefully we’ll be ready on Sunday. They’re a good football team and it’ll be a good test for us.”


On how defenses will cover Wes Welker now that Randy Moss is no longer here: “I’d say there’s probably been less of that as time has gone on. I think teams are playing what they play with less specific coverages for a particular player. Not that we don’t see them, but it’s been less frequent.”

On impressions of rookie tight end Aaron Hernandez:“I think Aaron has done a pretty good job and he’s taken advantage of his opportunities. He’s had some opportunities to make some plays and he’s done a pretty decent job of that. He’s done well with the ball in his hands, and made some yards on some catch-and-run plays. Aaron’s a smart kid and he’s worked hard when he’s been on the field. He missed a little bit of practice there and a game or two games in preseason, but he’s been on the field a lot and seen a lot of snaps and works hard after practice with the other four guys and against our defensive players one-on-one. I think he’s worked hard and he’s gotten better and he’s been able to capitalize on some of his opportunities. He keeps working hard, he’s got good talent, smart kid, understands football and is an instinctive player and if he keeps working hard he should continue to get better.”


On the Ravens’ passing game with the addition of free agent receivers Anquan Boldin and T.J Houshmandzadeh:“Boldin’s gotten a lot of balls, I think [Derrick] Mason is a still a key guy for them, [TE Todd] Heap is still a key for them. T.J. has made some big plays for them. They’ve gotten production out of everybody. They have a lot of weapons and they have tight ends they can throw it to — both rookie tight ends [Ed Dickson of Oregon and Dennis Pitta of Brigham Young] are good receivers … They have a lot of guys who are very solid in their offense.”

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