Light: Players still need convincing on 18-game season


Tackle Matt Light, the Patriots’ player representative with the Players’ Association, spent a few minutes chatting about labor topics this afternoon. One topic that always gets players going is the prospect of the 18-game regular season; Light said he still needs convincing as to why it is a good idea.

Asked if players are warming to the idea, he said, “We don’t sit around and talk about that from a players’ standpoint; I mean, you wait until you see why it would make sense to go to 18 or not and then once it’s on the table, I’m sure we’ll have a heated debate.”


“At the end of the day, you’ve got to wait til you see… is it worth going to 18 games? I have no idea,” he continued. “I mean, I haven’t seen anything that would lead me to believe it would be beneficial for us to do so, so until we get that it’s really hard to even comment on it.”

Having played in three Super Bowls and therefore having played 19-games in the past, Light knows full well the physical toll extra games take on players’ bodies.

For players, it seems, there is one truth overriding all other concerns when it comes to “enhancing” the regular season:

“Every time you step out there it’s one more opportunity to get hurt,” Light said. “So if you look at it from that standpoint you’re putting yourself out there to get hurt a heck of a lot more; there’s got to be a cost associated with doing business that way. But, you know, there’s nothing out there right now” to prove why it is a good idea.

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