Bits from Belichick: Still happy with the win

You can always tell when Bill Belichick is happy with the Patriots and how things are going with his team. Today is one of those days.

Opening statement
It was really good to watch the game this morning knowing what outcome was…we went back and forth for 70 minutes. Good feeling to come out on top; the Ravens are a good football team. They did a lot of things well, we were fortunate to make a couple more plays than they did. Our captains in particular did a good job of setting the pace [last week]. Hopefully we build on this one, and have another good week of practice…we know what it’s like to go out there and get hammered. That’s what happened two years ago.

On what Alge Crumpler, named a captain last week, has brought to the team

He’s very professional, really smart, into football, works hard at it, he’s one of those guys, it seems like he always does the right thing, no matter what the situation: game, practice, walk through. He knows when to smile, when to be serious…he’s constantly helping his teammates, making reminders to them…I guess the best way to put it is he always does the right thing, no matter what the situation is.


Going for a Hail Mary instead of a 63-yard field goal try at the end of regulation
We thought about it, felt like what we did was the best play in that situation.

Whether Danny Woodhead’s size gives him an advantage
I think that’s sometimes a bit of an issue with running backs…there’s a lot of backs that have been under 5-10 that have been really good backs, great backs in this league; at times there is a certain advantage to that. I know defensively we’ve talked about that with certain runners…players will say ‘it’s really hard to see that guy.’ What any runner is looking for is space, and if you can see it and they can’t, I think that gives you an advantage.

His view on the NFL potentially suspending players for helmet-to-helmet hits

My view is I’m getting ready for the Chargers. It’s not my job to make the rules.

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