Bits from Belichick, Caserio, O’Brien

Bill Belichick, along with Nick Caserio and quarterback coach/offensive play-caller Bill O’Brien took part in a conference call with reporters a short while ago. Here are some notes from the call:

Belichick on a potential Brandon Meriweather suspension and the NFL’s decision to start giving harsher punishments for some helmet-to-helmet hits:
“I’ll leave anything from the NFL to the NFL…I really haven’t heard anything I would want to comment on officially. There’s a lot of media speculation, that’s what people talk about is plays and things that happened previous week. Whatever the league decides to do, they decide to do…they can make their own statements on whatever it’s going to be…Right now my focus is on San Diego, trying to get team ready to play them. All those questions need to be asked of the league office.

Belichick on how difficult it is for defensive player to change strike area in split-second:

Well, every situation is different, every play is different; it doesn’t’ really matter what I think, whatever rules are, that’s what they are. The same rules get interpreted differently and all that, and we have to understand how the game is being officiated. There’s a lot of gray area in all of those calls, so we try to learn what those are and hope officials call them consistently week to week because there are a lot of shades of gray…(but) that’s out of my control. I can get my team ready for the Chargers, that’s where my focus is and will be for the week.


Caserio on what the Pats “have cooking” on this trade deadline day:
I think we’ve taken care of that over the past few weeks, haven’t we? [laughs]

Caserio was asked if the Patriots were going to fill their open practice squad spot, and said that was in the process of being done today; he hinted that it would be a player who had been with New England during training camp. It has since come to light that it is S Ross Ventrone.

O’Brien on Danny Woodhead

He’s another good example of what’s unique about certain guys and they’re able to get acclimated right away. He’s a guy that came in and had never been in our system, and as a running back, there’s a lot involved there…that guy, intelligence-wise has come in and done great job for us.

O’Brien on the reported halftime dustup between he and Randy Moss in Miami
That was three weeks ago. I’ve been coaching upwards of 20 years and that’s what we do, we coach and players have input…Randy and I had a great relationship, I enjoyed coaching him and I wish him the best. He’s moved onto Minnesota and we’re moving on to San Diego. But that’s coaching football, that’s the way it is.

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