Robert Kraft remains optimistic about 2011 season

Patriots owner Robert Kraft was one of the many guests at the Sports Legacy Institute’s Third Annual Impact Awards tonight in Boston.

The SLI presented NFL commissioner Roger Goodell with its annual award.

Before the event, Kraft and Goodell were asked about the realities of a 2011 NFL season.

“My gut would say there will be a season only because what I know and what’s in the best interest of the players and the ownership,” Kraft said. “When you think that if we go to the first week of September and we don’t have an arrangement, we will have lost a billion dollars of revenue in today’s economic environment … The fans, the public are all so supportive of our game, they’re going to be very upset if we’re not smart enough on both sides to do a deal.


“I know the commissioner and his staff feel strongly that way and I also think that from what I have seen from [NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith] that he is trying to take a fresh approach and try and look at this in a way where we would just hurt the game so much if we don’t have an agreement. That’s why common sense says to me it’s going to happen.”

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