NFL sends out message and video to teams

FOXBOROUGH — The NFL has sent a message and video along with a memo from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to all of its teams for coaches to show players as an example of “illegal hits and legal hits under NFL rules.”

As of earlier today the Patriots have not been shown the video, according to a few players in the locker room.

In a memo released by the league, it stated, “The head coach of each club has been instructed to show the video and read the message to his players and coaching staff as soon as possible. The video includes examples of illegal hits and legal hits under NFL rules.”


The league is putting players on notice that punishment will be more severe for hits to the head or neck area, and that can include suspension.

Patriots safety Patrick Chung said the league’s increased attention can’t make players timid.

“You can’t play any different,” Chung said. “I mean we’re going to play football and follow the rules, and we’re going to play football.”

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