Suggs still talking


Ravens’ linebacker Terrell Suggs is still talking, four days after Baltimore’s loss in New England.

The Baltimore Sun today posted one last parting shot from Suggs, aimed at Tom Brady: “He can have the last word, but I’ll have the last laugh. I promise you.”

Suggs — who always seems to have some sort of complaint when his team loses — touched things off Sunday evening after the game when he told reporters that Brady “just better hope he don’t see us again.”

On Monday morning, Brady countered by noting that Suggs & Co. had their chance, noting that “they talk a lot for beating us once in nine years.”


Suggs’ reply on Wednesday: “For a guy that whines a lot…at least I didn’t have any rules put in for me [the NFL adopted a clarification of the rules before the ’09 season, prohibiting a defender from lunging at a quarterback’s lower legs]. I don’t care. I’m over it. That was last week.”

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