Meriweather changes approach, stays aggressive

SAN DIEGO — In the first quarter against the San Diego Chargers today, Meriweather hit receiver Patrick Crayton with a forceful blow.

Meriweather popped up, saluted toward the sideline and moved on to the next play.

The salute, Meriweather said, was for a friend who joined the Army. The hit was a tackle that fell within the NFL rules.

“I just did what my coaches asked me to,” Meriweather said. “I lowered my aiming zone. I tried to be aggressive. I wasn’t trying to be overly aggressive, and take his head off. But I was trying to play within the rules.”


Meriweather was tagged with a $50,000 fine last week for what the league determined was a flagrant violation of “player safety rules” for his hit on Baltimore Ravens tight end Todd Heap. The hit did not result in a concussion for Heap, but he was questionable with a neck injury for today’s game against the Buffalo Bills, but Heap did play.

With all of the attention focused on Meriweather last week, he said he didn’t let it affect his approach to yesterday’s game.

“No, you know it’s a game,” Meriweather said. “You’re going to play to have fun. I’m not going to think about it. I’m just going to go out there and play.”

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