Patriots help build playground in Waltham

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WALTHAM — Several members of the New England Patriots took time from their day off to join several community volunteers to build a playground at the Waltham Boys & Girls Club today.

Vince Wilfork, Tully Banta-Cain, Jerod Mayo, Gary Guyton, Stephen Neal, Rob Gronkowski, Sammy Morris, and others did everything from painting the walls to hauling in mulch and putting together some finishing touches on the playground equipment. Tom Brady joined the group, but admitted later that he didn’t put in the muscle of some of his teammates.

“It was good, it was awesome, my teammates did all the hard work,” Brady said. “I got the easy stuff at the end. But it’s pretty cool to see the excitement on these kids faces, boys and girls club are just awesome what they do for communities. It’s great to see the support. I think we’re all very blessed to do what we do and give a little bit of time on an off-day to support is special for all of us.”


Robert and Myra Kraft, along with actor Donnie Wahlberg and some of the players wives, also participated in the event. The Patriots joined UnitedHealthcare, 200 volunteers and organizers from KaBOOM! to complete the task.

“… it’s wonderful and I think one of the things so many of our players have grown up in backgrounds where it was modest financial means and all of the sudden, they enter the NFL and they have these kind of resources and they’ve learned that we try to teach, we have programming, that there’s a lot of psychic income from doing things like this and they see the impression it makes and it’s different than making a tackle or scoring a touchdown,” Kraft said. “In many ways, it’s rewarding and we hope our players carry this with them when they leave the Patriots and are giving back to their individual communities. We work hard at schooling that, as they enter our organization.”

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