Belichick press conference

Bill Belichick was in an entertaining mood today. Talked a little about Halloween, added some thoughts about the Vikings and Fred Taylor’s progress.

Some of the more light-hearted moments:

Favorite candy?: “All of them.”

Best Halloween costume for him?: “Probably, I kind of lucked into it, it was John Kennedy. It was easy you dress up in a suit, throw on the mask. It was during the Cuban Missile Crisis as it turned out, so I think I won a prize there because everybody was really impressed the president was able to break away from the Cuban Missile Crisis to attend a school Halloween party. …”


“… Can there be a better holiday than costumes and candy? Whoever came up with that, that was brilliant.”

On preparing for Tarvaris Jackson: “He definitely had a lot of good moments and just like any player had some plays that I’m sure he’d like to have back, but you could say that about everybody. He was a productive guy. I’m sure they have a lot of confidence in him and they should. When he had an opportunity to play in preseason he was very confident in handling what they asked him to do. It wasn’t a game plan situation. It wasn’t the same level of what it was in ’08, but what he had to do, looked like he was fine.”

Fred Taylor injury: “Fred’s definitely making progress. He’s a lot further along this week than he was last week. Last week, definitely ahead of the week before. I think it took him a little time there to just get going but now that he’s back doing things, he’s making good progress.”

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