High steppin’ Tate

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FOXBOROUGH — The Patriots’ Brandon Tate recorded his first NFL receiving touchdown on a broken play in the third quarter, high stepping his way into the end zone after juking out the Vikings’ Madieu Williams.

After shaking off one would-be tackler and spinning around on another, Tom Brady found Tate (3 catches, 103 yards) turning up field for the 65-yard score with 7:39 left in the quarter.

“It was supposed to be one play but it didn’t work out right,” Tate said afterward. “We had a meeting just last night and (Brady) was telling me to just stay alive. I just turned up field and he seen me and threw it.”


Normally, wide receivers are taught to come back to the ball when their quarterback is in trouble. But instead, Tate was thinking of protecting his quarterback who looked like he was in trouble.

“He was scrambling so I seen he needed help. So I acted like I was going to run up and get the DB to come up,” Tate said.

So he spun off of defensive back Asher Allen and proceeded to take advantage of the misplaced Williams who was sorely out of position on the play.

Ten yards before Tate touches paydirt he starts performing a cross between the Shirley Temple and Deion Sanders’ famous two-step.

“I guess high stepping,” said Tate of its nomenclature. “Just excited celebrating.”

On his first NFL touchdown: “It felt real good.”

On catching his first NFL touchdown with old teammate Randy Moss in the building: (Laughing.) “That ain’t have nothing to do with it.”


Vikings head coach Brad Childress gets a good view as Patriots wide reciever Brandon Tate hauls in what would be a 65-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter. (Jim Davis/Globe Staff)

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