Final: Patriots 28, Vikings 18


BenJarvus Green-Ellis scores on a third quarter touchdown. (Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff)

FOXBOROUGH — BenJarvus Green-Ellis ran for 112 yards on 17 carries and had two touchdowns as the Patriots showed off its running game in 28-18 victory over the Vikings at Gillette Stadium.

It was Green-Ellis’ first career multi-touchdown game and his first 100-yard game of the season.

Brett Favre, who was questionable coming into the game for the Minnesota Vikings, threw for 259 yards and an interception before being knocked out by Patriots lineman Myron Pryor. Favre suffered a laceration as he was hit under his throat while attempting a pass at the 1-yard line. Tarvaris Jackson came in and tossed a touchdown in his absence.


The Patriots (6-1) took the lead in the AFC East after the New York Jets (5-2) fell to the Green Bay Packers.

1:56 4th quarter — BenJarvus Green-Ellis gets the 2-yard touchdown after getting chopped in half by the Vikings’ E.J. Henderson going over the pile. The play was reviewed in the booth but upheld. Stephen Gostowski’s extra point is good. The drive was 13 plays, 80 yards in 5:30.

3:18 4th quarter — BenJarvus Green-Ellis goes over the 100-yard mark after a 26-yard run to the 1-yard line. He has 110 yard on the night.

3:45 4th quarter — Tom Brady completed a 16-yard pass to Danny Woodhead after receiving pressure from the blitz on third down. Woodhead, in typical fashion, broke two tackles to extend the Patriots’ drive. The game has come down to whether the Patriots can score again to separate themselves from an overtime or game-winning threat (from Tarvaris Jackson no less) or run the clock out.

6:00 4th quarter — Update on Brett Favre. He has a laceration and he’s questionable to return to the game.

7:26 4th quarter — Tarvaris Jackson threw a 1-yard TD pass to fullback Naufahu Tahi with 7:34 left in the quarter. Jackson then completed the 2-point conversion to Percy Harvin as Minnesota pulled within three. Brett Favre got popped under the chin and there was blood. TV cameras got a good shot of it. Patriots 21, Vikings 18.


7:31 4th quarter — As the Patriots got hit with another illegal contact penalty, Brett Favre got knocked out of the game on a hit by Myron Pryor. Tarvaris Jackson is now in the game at the 1-yard line.

8:25 4th quarter — Brandon Meriweather gets called for a pass interference after Randy Moss got loose on the left sideline for what was almost a guaranteed touchdown.

10:10 4th quarter — A questionable call on the field as Brett Favre looked like he completed a pass to Bernard Berrian who appeared to have fumbled the ball. It was recovered by the Patriots’ Jerod Mayo. Belichick called a timeout after throwing the challenge flag on the field.

13:30 4th quarter — Aaron Hernandez continues to show why Bill Belichick loves these two tight end formations. He just caught a 27-yard pass from Brady in which he was one broken tackle away from turning Gillette Stadium into a track meet. It was his first catch of the day.

0:00 3rd quarter — The Patriots got another good defensive stop, holding the Vikings to a 3-and-out after a Brett Favre pass to Visanthe Shiancoe came up short for the first down. The Vikings haven’t run this much this late in a game all season. Adrian Peterson has 25 carries for 92 yards at the end of the third.

2:25 3rd quarter — BenJarvus Green-Ellis breaks through the line behind left guard Dan Connolly and runs for a 13-yard touchdown. It was a 4-play, 37-yard drive in 1:48. The score was preceded by Devin McCourty’s interception — the game’s first takeaway. Gostowski kick good. Patriots 21, Vikings 10.


4:13 3rd quarter — Devin McCourty gets a sweet interception that fell off of Percy Harvin’s hands. He returned for 37 yards in the game’s first turnover. Looks like he wasn’t so nicked up after all.

5:17 3rd quarter — The Patriots go 3-and-out again for the third time this game. Tom Brady threw a pass that went to nobody, probably some miscommunication. Danny Woodhead continues to get major touches in the game while the Patriots have favored a two tight end look in a four-receiver spread formation.

7:47 3rd quarter — Devin McCourty got nicked up after recording a pass defensed on a long throw to the Vikings’ Percy Harvin. Awaiting the word on him. However, it doesn’t look too serious. The Patriots are thin at defensive back.

7:59 3rd quarter — Tom Brady bought some time and found Brandon Tate down the left sideline for a 65-yard touchdown on the game. It was Brady’s 237th career touchdown, making him tied with Jim Kelly for 17th overall on the NFL’s all-time list. Stephen Gostowski’s extra point was good. It was also Brandon Tate’s first career touchdown. The drive was a total of four plays, 80 yards in 1:32. Patriots 14, Vikings 10.

9:37 3rd quarter — The Patriots won a small battle in the Vikings’ red zone, holding Minnesota to a Ryan Longwell 24-yard field goal after they marched down 67 yards on 11 plays in 5:27.

12:04 3rd quarter — Randy Moss gets his first catch of the day on a slant inside and he gets booed by the fans at Gillette. I guess his reception is not a welcome one.


Danny Woodhead got some early carries in the first quarter. Woodhead scored the Patriots’ lone touchdown of the half on a direct snap. (Jim Davis/Globe Staff)

0:00 2nd quarter — So far, we’re all notched up. No noise from Randy Moss, who we presume to be 100 percent healthy. But Brett Favre, who dominated the headlines for the last week because of the two fractures in his left ankle has been spot on in his play. He’s 11-of-13 through the half for 121 yards passing.

Tom Brady has been pretty good too. Brady is 8-of-13 for 98 yards.

Adrian Peterson has carried the ball 18 times for 68 yards and a score.

Danny Woodhead’s 1-yard TD run on a direct snap tied the game up at the 10:28 mark of the second quarter.

1:02 2nd quarter — The Patriots stuffed the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson on the 1-yard line with a little over a minute remaining in the half on fourth down. Brandon Spikes got the first hit on Peterson before he was finished off in the pile.

1:55 2nd quarter — Through the second quarter it’s become clear as the Vikings drive down the field on the Patriots that New England is doubling up on Randy Moss. Percy Harvin has two catches on this drive underneath that are the direct benefit of the Patriots’ respect for Moss. Brett Favre has been eyeing No. 84 (tossed it out of the end zone on one play in his direction) but they still haven’t connected.

6:32 2nd quarter — The Patriots went 3-and-out as Brady misfired on a pass to Deion Branch and was pressured on third down from the Vikings’ Jared Allen.

7:20 2nd quarter — Brett Favre got called for an intentional grounding penalty after receiving some pressure while looking in Randy Moss’ direction. Moss is still without a catch or target. On the next play, Favre took a licking from Jermaine Cunningham on a pass to Toby Gerhart. Vikings punt.

9:26 2nd quarter — Percy Harvin caught a 15-yard pass from Brett Favre in which he streaked across the field. Looks like that ankle injury — in which he was helped off the field in the first quarter for — wasn’t so bad.

10:25 2nd quarter — Percy Harvin is already back in the game for the Vikings, back deep for the kickoff.

10:28 2nd quarter — Direct snap to Danny Woodhead — second time we’ve seen that play today — for a 3-yard touchdown run. It was an 8-play, 75-yard drive spanning 4:32. Patriots 7, Vikings 7.

12:55 2nd quarter — Brandon Tate pulled a Terrell Owens — sans touchdown — catching a ball of the Vikings’ Madieu Williams for 32 yards. The play was challenged by Vikings coach Brad Childress but was upheld. Vikings lose their first timeout. Deion Branch got his first catch of the game on a screen pass and saw daylight but couldn’t break it. That could be his hamstring which had him listed as questionable for today’s game.

14:57 2nd quarter — Ruling on the field stands as Adrian Peterson’s 1-yard TD is upheld. The Patriots were charged with their second timeout of the game. It was a 12-play, 76-yard drive spanning 6:09. Oh, and Brett Favre is 4-for-4 so far. But Peterson has taken the load, touching the ball 14 of the Vikings’ 19 plays.

14:57 2nd quarter — Touchdown for the Vikings as Adrian Peterson jumped over the pile and got whacked by Jerod Mayo. Bill Belichick is challenging the play.

0:00 1st quarter — The Patriots were charged with a late-hit penalty after Gary Guyton drilled Brett Favre. We’re seeing a steady diet of Adrian Peterson who is stretching out the defense and finding holes. The Vikings are now at the 1-yard line after Peterson looked like he crossed the goal line on that last 5-yard run. Percy Harvin’s return for the Vikings after an ankle injury is questionable.

5:14 1st quarter — Brett Favre may be the man of steel but his teammates sure isn’t. After catching a 21-yard pass from the gunslinger, Percy Harvin got nicked up on the tackle. He had to be helped off the field.

6:14 1st quarter — That’s a 3-and-out for the Patriots after some pressure from the Vikings’ Ray Edwards (colleague Greg A. Bedard warned us about him) a 7-yard pass to Danny Woodhead and incompletion to Aaron Hernandez. Punt, punt, punt.

7:20 1st quarter — The Patriots get a big stop on third down, pulling down Adrian Peterson for a loss of a yard.

10:20 1st quarter — Brett Favre’s first pass was complete. We may see a steady stream of Adrian Peterson. His first rush was for eight yards.

10:51 1st quarter — The Patriots have definitely made Danny Woodhead a big part of their offense. They’ve now found a way to get him the ball twice and target him another. He also took a direct snap that was called back because of a penalty. The Patriots punted after seven plays.

15:00 1st quarter — The Minnesota Vikings have won the coin toss and deferred to the Patriots.

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Reminders: Brett Favre is starting for the Vikings. Safety Patrick Chung is inactive for the Patriots, giving way to Sergio Brown. And it’s Halloween. We’ve got tons of costumes in the building, including a whole row of fellas dressed up as Bob Kraft. Good times.

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