Vikings at Patriots: Halftime analysis

A few quick thoughts:

Vikings should be running away this game: If it wasn’t for Vikings S Madieu Williams whiffing on
an easy interception of Tom Brady pass to Brandon Tate, the Vikings might be winning 10-0 or 17-0. Oh, and Vikings coach Brad Childress. Only he, after Adrian Peterson opened with 60 yards on 14 carries, would go a full series without giving Peterson a touch. Only he would throw a terrible challenge flag. And only Childress would, after a timeout, lineup in a jumbo package and handoff to Peterson on 4th and goal. Another coach would have the Viking way out in front. But this is typical. No NFL coach does less with more.


Where’s Randy? Former Patriots receiver Randy Moss didn’t have a catch in the first half as the Patriots paid him extra attention. Moss either had a safety over the top of him, or he was bracketed with a linebacker. Still, Moss needs to do more. Favre wanted to go to him once but Moss couldn’t lose the jam of Devin McCourty quick enough. Moss should be able to beat him. Moss also isn’t fighting back for the ball.

In the second half… Patriots need to continue to do a better job against Vikings LDE Ray Edwards. He got two quick pressures early, and then the Patriots doubled him more often. And the Patriots need to hold down Percy Harvin (four catches, 64 yards). If the Patriots are going to keep paying so much attention to Moss, they’re going to have to pick their poison as far as Harvin and Peterson. Harvin could eat them alive in the second half.

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