Belichick avoids Moss talk

FOXBOROUGH — Patriots coach Bill Belichick didn’t touch the reports about Randy Moss being waived by the Minnesota Vikings in his press conference moments ago at Gillette Stadium.

No matter the different ways the media asked Belichick about the news, Belichick stuck to his answer.

“You can’t bait me into it. I can’t comment on anybody else’s team, players or transactions,” Belichick said.

When it comes to the NFL, Belichick said “it’s been a little while” since he’s been surprised by a move made. But he went on to say he really isn’t concerned about what other teams do with their personnel.


“I don’t really care about the league. I’m really worried about our football team. Whatever rules the league changes or whatever moves other teams do, I can’t really worry about that. I can barely coach the team that I’m in charge of, so I can’t worry about anybody else’s team or solve the rest of the world’s problems. That’s not my job. … We got a lot of other people that can do that.”

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