Eric Mangini, comedian

Foxborough – Current Browns coach and former Patriots assistant Eric Mangini isn’t exactly known for being a riot, but he showed a lighter side talking about the handshake he might receive from Bill Belichick, and how he plans to stop Tom Brady.

Here’s some of the Q&A Mangini had with the Boston media:

What kind of handshake do you think you and Bill Belichick will have after the game?

Mangini: “I’m sure it will be firm, and brisk. You know, textbook. I’m sure we’ll be talking about it for years to come.”

He gave Brad Childress the two-hand, shake, hoping for one of those?

Mangini: (laughing) “Well, I haven’t gone through the range of shakes that are available. I might have to seek an outside consultant.”


Later, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady stopped in after his news conference and on his way to the locker room:

Brady: “Hey, what’s your plan to stop Tom Brady this week?

Mangini: “God, he is just such a god in every area I don’t think it’s humanely possible.”

Brady laughed loudly.

Mangini: “I mean, you talk about football player, movie star….

Brady: “Ah, you wouldn’t be saying that if we were just sitting here talking, I know that.”

Mangini: “….I’m just so happy that I get to talk to him from time to time.”

Brady: “Oh, shut up.”

After Brady left, Mangini said, “Oh, that was great. Hopefully that won’t be the closest we get to him.”

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