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Foxborough – Browns coach Eric Mangini just wasn’t doing a standup routine when he talked to the Boston-area media, he actually talked some football.

  • Rookie QB Colt McCoy will take the first-team reps to start the week, and then they’ll see where Seneca Wallace (ankle) is Thursday and Friday. Jake Delhomme (ankle) is still a little bit away.
  • On McCoy, Mangini said: “It is different than anything I have experienced because I think Colt had a more difficult time going from being the man at Texas, getting all the reps and all that work, to coming here where he was really the three/four [on the depth chart], not getting many reps, not getting the consistent flow. And then when he got the opportunity with the two injuries, it felt very comfortable for him. He didn’t really miss a beat. That was really positive to see from my perspective. A lot of young guys when they go in, there’s real jitters, but Colt, with that role, just seemed at home: broke down the teams, spoke to the team the night before he started. It was natural; none of it was forced and that is one of the most positive things I’ve seen.”
  • On Moss being traded by the Patriots: “Well I think the pickup of Deion Branch was huge. I think he’s a really good player and he knows the system and works well with Tom [Brady]. I think that’s helped a lot. And offensively, it is such a well-oiled machine that whoever is playing has the opportunity to make plays. Tom does such a good job with distributing the ball across the board. And then the way they can run the ball effectively there are a lot of people that you have to defend against and a lot of different schemes that you have to defend against. The players that they have there have done a great job with it.”
  • On less drama now with Bill Belichick: “Yeah. I think all that stuff, we’ve moved on from. I am in a different place right now, being in Cleveland and not the division. It is just… we’ve been through that over the years and we view it the same way – it’s just really about football.”
  • On former Patriots TE Benjamin Watson being the team’s leading receiver: “He’s been great. I knew Ben pretty well from my time [in New England]. He’s such a good guy and a good teammate, and that was a priority in getting those guys as free agents. And then he gives us something in terms of his ability to stretch the field vertically and I think he has done a good job blocking as well. So I have been happy with all the things he’s done.”

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