Brady: ‘We had an awful day’

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady knew there were many reasons the Patriots lost to the Browns today. From dropped passes to a complete inability to run the ball, it was far from the finest hour for the Patriots’ offense.

“You don’t lose because of one play. There’s a lot of plays that I wish we’d done better. I think as a group we’ll have to understand what we need to do better, and individually, and go out there and get to work, get back to practicing better, and, I mean, if we play the way we played today, we’re not going to beat anybody. We just had an awful day.”


Brady was asked to elaborate on the impact of poor practices this week.

“It’s hard to say, every week, some days you have good practices, some days you have bad practices. We just didn’t play well today. I think that’s what it comes down to.”

We’ll have video of Brady’s news conference a bit later this evening.

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