Gronkowski accepts responsibility for mistakes

CLEVELAND — Rookie tight end Rob Gronkowski had a tough game today.

A miscue in the first quarter, dropped passes, a fumble and a penalty led to a bad day for Gronkowski in the loss.

Gronkowski didn’t shy away after the game. He said the miscue between himself and Sammy Morris on the kickoff in the first quarter was “just miscommunication.”

In the final seconds of the first half, Gronkowski tried to do too much after the catch as he dragged a couple of defenders toward the end zone. But Gronkowski fumbled and the Browns recovered to end the drive.


“I fumbled it, and that shouldn’t be happening,” Gronkowski said. “I should have my two hands on the ball. I shouldn’t be letting defenders get in and at the ball like that. I have to get low and get down.”

Brady targeted Gronkowski eight times and the rookie caught four passes for 47 yards.

“You just got to put plays behind you and move forward and keep moving forward and playing 100 percent,” Gronkowski said.

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