Mangini the Comedian returns after the win

Eric Mangini’s personality is really coming out this season with the Browns. He had a playful exchange with Tom Brady during his conference call with New England media on Wednesday, and today he had a couple of one-liners in his post-game press conference.

Some examples:

On what the win meant to him
“It feels great. I feel like I’m in that movie ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past’, how we had New England this week and the Jets next week. It’s special and it’s special to me because of our guys, because of our team, not because of their team.”


On how his victory Gatorade bath felt
“It felt warm and refreshing.”

On what Bill Belichick said during their brief post-game handshake
“‘Good game.’ We were making plans for the summer.”

On seeing offensive coordinator Brian Daboll get knocked down by tackle Joe Thomas
“There’s a place for a little man in football, just not in front of the big man.”

On whether rookie Colt McCoy will start next week
“Can we really just enjoy this moment right here? We’ll talk about it tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday.”

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