Taylor talks about his toes


Fred Taylor walked through the Patriots’ locker room today for the first time in weeks, and obliged reporters by discussing his turf toe — which actually turned out to be toes — for several minutes.

Taylor revealed that he actually tweaked one of the toes on his left foot during the season opener against Cincinnati, then hurt one of his left toes late in the game against Buffalo, the more severe injury that has kept him off the field since.

Because of the tendon and ligament damage on the left side, there was a fear that Taylor would have to undergo surgery, but he saw several doctors and it began to improve.


“That’s why I’m excited just to be able to be here talking to you guys,” he said. “Initially, we thought it would be surgery. It wasn’t that. Just being able to train, get treatment at this point, I mean, I feel great. The initial prognosis was bad, to the point of tears. And all that other stuff that comes with it. But I’m here, and we’ll see how it goes from this point. We’ll go from here.”

Taylor returned to practice today but wouldn’t give any indication as to whether he’ll play against the Steelers.

“I’m looking forward to trying to improve, continue to improve and get back when it’s ready,” he said. “I don’t want you guys to jump too far ahead and say “Oh, Taylor’s coming back this week!” I’m not sure. We’re going to start slow and see how it feels and go from there.”

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