Remember Ryan Clark?

PITTSBURGH — Wes Welker can probably place Ryan Clark, the Steelers safety who delivered a punishing hit back in November of 2008. It was not an illegal hit, though it did draw a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty, and Welker said at the time that it was all part of the game, though he never saw Clark coming on the play.

As Clark said yesterday, when asked about the rivalry between the Patriots and Steelers, “I’m sure the Patriots love me. I’m sure I’m one of their favorite defensive backs in the NFL. They can’t wait to see me and shake my hand and hug me.”


That sounds about right.

When asked specifically about the two-year old hit, Clark said, “We weren’t friends before it. He didn’t text me. I didn’t have his number. I’m sure he won’t text me now. I don’t care about it. It gets brought up by people outside. It’s just old. I have to get him on the ground this week. I’m sure he’s not going to be worried about me.”

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