Belichick running on ‘good fumes’

While the Patriots players got today off after their win in Pittsburgh on Sunday Night Football, Bill Belichick and the coaching staff had to get down to the business of breaking down the good and the bad from the victory and start looking ahead to this Sunday’s game with the Colts.

So flying home directly after a game that ended at midnight, out of an airport that isn’t particularly close to the city it services, led Belichick to say that it was a “short night. The coaching staff, we’re on fumes here today, but good fumes,” to open his press conference.


“It was good to go into Pittsburgh and get a win there; it was a good, solid win by our team. It would be nice to sit around and celebrate this one for a while, but there’s no time for that.”

Here are some other quotes from Belichick:

Whether there were any new pass-rush plays that led to New England’s five sacks
I don’t think so. I think after the game they [the Steelers] talked about they didn’t see anything they hadn’t seen before, and I would agree with that. (It comes down to) players playing against each other. Mike Wright had good day rushing the passer. Gary Guyton had a good game. We had good day on the edge…As always, it’s a combination of things, and it’s team defense.

On the unpredictability of this season in the NFL
It’s been like that in the NFL for 35 years: teams are in last place one year and in first place the next year…it happens week to week too.

On the kicking operation against the Steelers
I’d say overall I thought Shayne had pretty good night…it certainly could have been better but I thought he hit It pretty well. There are things we need to do better in all phases…whole operation, kicking in all situations.


Whether things were chippy after the whistle
Yeah, but that’s two physical teams playing in a big game; emotions run high. I don’t think that’s uncommon. As far as that part goes, the game was well officiated…When two teams that are compeptive…you never want it to get out of hand, but each team trying to knock the other team around.

If Wes Welker is getting incrementally better as the season goes onI’d say it’s been pretty consistent all year. From the early part of the season, to me he looks…about the same. You know, good.

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