Mankins has message for Polamalu

PITTSBURGH — Don’t expect Patriots guard Logan Mankins to be buying any Head & Shoulders shampoo anytime soon.

Mankins took a slight dig at Steelers Pro Bowl safety and Head & Shoulders pitchman Troy Polamalu, following the Patriots’ 39-26 victory at Heinz Field.

Things between Mankins and Polamalu got a little hairy following Tom Brady’s 3-yard QB sneak for a touchdown in the third quarter with Mankins making his presence felt to Polamalu in the pileup. Pushing and shoving between the teams then ensued.

Perhaps, Polamalu, whose hair is insured for $1 million, was jealous of Brady’s own untrimmed tresses or possibly they were discussing how often they use conditioner, but the Patriots felt the Mane of Steel was engaging in a little extracurricular activity with Brady under the pile.


Mankins wasn’t pleased and took matters into his own hands.

“We don’t care how long your hair is we’re not going to let you do what you want to our quarterback,” said Mankins, after the game.

Mankins acknowledged the Steelers were talking some trash and that the game turned a bit chippy.

“We don’t mind that. We enjoy it when that happens. That’s alright. It makes the game funner,” said Mankins.

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