Brady talks foot injury, running game and Indy on WEEI

Tom Brady just wrapped up his weekly WEEI interview and said adrenaline helped him get through Sunday’s game despite his foot injury.

“You get the adrenaline going and that helps a lot,” Brady said. “There’s a lot of people dealing with stuff. Every guy on our team is nicked up.”

The Patriots are off today but will return to the field tomorrow to practice for Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Here are a few other highlights from Brady’s interview.

On Pats success running against the Steelers:

“The Steelers have the best run defense in the league, so we went into the game thinking, ‘Yeah, we’re going to run the ball and when we run it, we got to run it well.’ But I mean, we really ran the ball well. There were times when I handed the ball off to [BenJarvus Green-Ellis] and he’d bust through the line of scrimmage. I mean, he was making some great runs. … Sometimes there was just pretty small creases and he found them.”


On facing the Indianapolis Colts defense:

“The difficult thing about them is that their style of defense, there’s only one team that plays it and that’s them. … It’s by far the fastest, quickest defense in the league. They have two of the most dynamic pass rushers in the game. They do a lot of things well. They have some young guys on defense who are good players. We got our work cut out for us. This will be a huge test for us. I’m glad we’re finally playing these guys at home. We haven’t played them at home in a while. I’m sure the crowd will be rocking.”

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