Lions’ Hill claims Pats player tried to break his arm


Detroit quarterback Shaun Hill, who has started most of the Lions’ games this year due to injury to Matthew Stafford, has been playing with a broken left (non-throwing) arm.

And he claims that yesterday against the Patriots, a New England player was trying to break that same arm.

In the second quarter, Detroit ran a QB keeper play near the goal line on fourth-and-inches. Hill dove into the line at the snap and did get the first down, though he lost control of the ball after being ruled down. But in the process, he said a Pats player was trying to hurt his arm further.


“That’s why I eventually gave up the ball,” Hill told “Somebody was down there (in the pile) literally trying to break my arm, which is already broken. Literally, trying. And, uh, y’know, I guess wasn’t seen (by officials).”

Despite his claim (re-watching the play in question, it is difficult to see who might have done what, if anything, to Hill), the quarterback would run the same play again if necessary.

“I loved the call,” he said. “I loved the call. Absolutely loved it. I have no qualms about running that play – one-armed or whatever. I loved the call.”

On a quarterback keeper, Hill is a ballcarrier and therefore not protected in the same way he is when he’s in the pocket and/or in the process of passing the ball.

There’s also the question of how someone can break something that’s already broken, but we digress…

(That picture is not the play in question.)

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