Smith says he let entire city down

After looking silly against Deion Branch during the receiver’s 79-yard touchdown play, when he was turned around not once but twice and then essentially flicked aside like a bug, and then getting beat for a 22-yard score by Branch, and then being benched, Lions cornerback Alphonso Smith knew just whom to blame after Detroit’s loss yesterday.


“I take full responsibility,” Smith said. “I’m a thumb pointer. I’m a guy I’m never going to point any fingers because the reality of the situation was I pretty much gave the Patriots the whole game. Not (quarterback Shaun) Hill, not the offense, not (D-lineman Kyle) Vanden Bosch, (D-lineman Ndamukong) Suh and the defense. Me. I cost the entire city a celebration today because I’m pretty sure everyone was going to celebrate.


“It’s unfortunate for myself because I know I’m smarter than that and I’m not a selfish guy. But today I was selfish.”

The 25-year old corner, was traded from Denver to Detroit in September — just over 16 months after the Broncos drafted him. Coach Jim Schwartz said after the loss that Smith has played well for the Lions this season (he has five interceptions), but yesterday was not his day.

Smith agreed.

“The thing I did on that long touchdown, I would have took me out, too,” Smith said. “I have 10 other guys busting their behind and I’m being immature and like I said earlier, dumb and allowing guys to make plays that they shouldn’t make.”

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