Patriots offense as good or better than ’07?

Pretty much everyone figured what the Patriots offense did in 2007 would never be matched. You know, the whole 16-0 thing. Patriots setting an NFL scoring record for a season with 589 points. Tom Brady throwing an NFL-record 50 touchdown passes. Randy Moss catching 23 touchdowns.

While those records might never be broken, the argument is there to be made that when you factor in who the Patriots have played, how they have performed in their toughest matchups, and other down-to-down variables, that the ’10 Patriots offense is as good or better than the ’07 version.

And the guys at are making that argument through Week 12 through their DVOA rankings (a complex formula that measures every play against opponent and league average):

This week, the Patriots move ahead of the 2004 Colts as the second-best offense in DVOA history through Week 12. More astonishing is the fact that New England’s current DVOA of 45.2% matches the 45.2% offensive DVOA that the record-setting 2007 Patriots put up over the entire season. Remember, the ’07 Patriots faded from otherworldly to merely very good over the second half of the season. If the current Patriots don’t have a similar fade, they have a shot to rank as the greatest offense in DVOA history, despite trading a Hall of Fame receiver in midseason.

The Patriots defense, if you care, is ranked 27th.

There’s more Patriots info there about Brady and how he’s improved with different receivers after Moss. You should check it out.


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