Bits from Belichick

FOXBOROUGH – Coach Bill Belichick touched on a few topics today in his final media availability prior to Sunday’s game against the Bears.

On Bears LB Brian Urlacher:

“He’s a big middle linebacker. You usually don’t see guys at that position of his size – his height, his length – he covers a lot of ground inside there and in their zone defenses. He’s a big guy to throw over when he blitzes. So, he’s definitely a tough-matchup guy, for any offense. It’s a lot different throwing around a 6’4” – whatever he is – inside linebacker compared to a lot of guys that are shorter in height, but also don’t have quite as much length as he does. He gets to a few balls that most guys won’t get to.”


On new DB Chevis Jackson…

“We’ll see how it goes. We just got him in here today.

On if the Bears, under coordinator Rod Marinelli, are more true to the Tampa Cover-2 defense than Larry Coyer and the Colts are…

“Yeah, well again, that’s Lovie [Smith]. Lovie was in the Tampa staff, then he was at St. Louis with Mike [Martz] and now Mike’s with him and he’s got that system in Chicago. So, I’d say it’s a lot of the coaching points and consistency and carry over of Tampa to St. Louis to Chicago, I’d say they coach it the same the way; they play it the same way. It’s different people so it plays a little bit differently, but that’s the system.”

On how a quarterback with Jay Culter’s arm changes things for defensive backs…

“I just think with all your defenders, you better have them cover the ball; [it] doesn’t stay in the air long. He’s got a very quick release and he’s got a lot of zip on the ball. You always want to be on receivers tight, but you have to really understand that with him, you have to be on real tight because he can laser it in there….He’s very athletic. He can move around in the pocket. He throws from some unorthodox positions, but he has a lot of zip on the ball and he throws it very accurately. I’ve really been impressed with his passing accuracy and skill under pressure. He can get his eyes down field, see receivers on the run. He can fire it just about anywhere: short, long, inside, outside. He’s got very good accuracy and good mobility


On Bears kicker Robbie Gould, who was an undrafted free agent with the Patriots….

“Well, I think any time you look back, there are always things that you can look back on and think that you might have been able to handle it a little bit differently or done something a little bit differently. But, I don’t really spend a lot of time worrying about that. We did what we did. Robbie’s a good player. He’s had a great career and he’s an outstanding kicker. We knew he was good when we had him here, but again, it’s one of those situations where you have to make some decisions and you make the ones that you think are best for your team.”

On DE Mike Wright dealing with a concussion…

“He goes through whatever the trainers do with him. I don’t know; I’m not a trainer. We have injuries. The trainers treat the injuries based on the systems and what the treatment is and how all that works and what the process is. That’s what medical people do.”

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