After illness, Brady ready for Bills

FOXBOROUGH – After being hit with the flu earlier in the week, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said he’s feeling fine and ready for Sunday’s game against the Bills.

“Doing good, ready for this game,” Brady said today. “Ready for Santa Claus and ready to play some football.”

Brady said his illness wasn’t out of the ordinary.

“Probably what a lot of guys are getting hit with,” he said. “It’s just going around town. But I’m feeling good. Back at practice yesterday, have to go out and have a good day today. Get sharpened up and get ready to go play for a division title.”


Brady, who sat out Wednesday’s practice and was limited yesterday, was asked how much his preparation was affected,

“None,” he said.

“Treatment, film, still getting prepared, finding different things to do other than run around but I think you still use the time to prepare, certainly,” Brady said. “Get caught up on some other things that you don’t get a chance to do when you’re out there practicing. Maybe a little more rehab.”

Brady said the Patriots are focused on winning the AFC East on Sunday.

“We’ve all worked pretty hard to get to this point,” he said. “It does take a lot of good fortune to be able to control your own destiny like we do. Nothing has really been accomplished yet though, I will say that. I think we’re in a very good position in terms of us being able to win this game and win our division and a few other things come along with it. But we got back here in March after a tough offseason and I think we set the goals with the understanding that these are the things we need to do to accomplish them. I think it’s pretty cool that we’re in a position this week to actually do something about it. To work for seven or eight months for a particular goal and have this goal sitting in front of you and you’re only two days away now, I hope everyone realizes the importance of this game and I think everyone in here does. I think that’s something that has been emphasized this week. A lot of guys have been putting a lot into this and there would be no better Christmas present this time of year to go out and win this game. It’s pretty exciting for us, there’s no doubt about it. This is a championship game. It’s pretty special to win a championship.”


On the Bills: “They’re always a good…I mean, this team fights their butt off. They’re a challenging team to face. They have very talented players. They’re playing certainly very well this time of year. There’s probably a lot of teams that are throwing in the towel at this point because they’re not really in it. You would never say that about the Bills the way these guys play. They have a veteran group, some young players really playing well. They’re playing with a lot of confidence. So we have to go out there and play a great game.”

Brady also didn’t take the bait from Ravens LB Terrell Suggs, who said he left Brady off his Pro Bowl ballot.

“No, no reaction,” Brady said. “No, I think he’s a great player. He really is. As a matter of fact, I didn’t get to vote actually. So I left everybody off my Pro Bowl roster this year because I was sick, unfortunately. But I would have voted for Terrell. He gets my vote. Such a nice guy.”

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