AFC Playoff Picture

The New England Patriots clinched home-field advantage with today’s victory. The Jets, despite their loss to the Bears, secured a playoff spot. The Ravens also clinched a playoff spot today with a victory over the Browns.

The Jaguars sealed their fate losing to lowly Washington at home in overtime. The Chargers, the team that supposedly no one wants to play in the postseason, is trailing 13-3 at Cincinnati (with no T.O. or Ocho Cinco).

UPDATE: The Chargers lost at the Bengals 34-20, giving the Chiefs the AFC West crown. The Chargers have been eliminated from the playoffs.

A Steelers victory over the Browns next week gives them the AFC North and a first-round bye. The Ravens have clinched at least the fifth seed by virtue of their season-opening victory over the Jets.


A Steelers loss, a Ravens win at home against the Bengals and a Jets victory over the Bills at home would drop the Steelers to the sixth seed. The Ravens would win the AFC North (better common opponents record) and the Jets move up to the fifth seed due to victory over the Steelers last week.

As it stands at this moment, the playoffs shape up like this.

1) NE 13-2
2) PIT 11-4
3) KC 10-5
4) IND 8-6
5) BAL 11-4
6) NYJ 10-5

On the outside
JAC 8-7

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