Caserio talks ball security

One of the remarkable things about the Patriots’ seven-game win streak is that the team has not committed one turnover during the run, setting an NFL record. With that is Tom Brady’s ongoing streak of pass attempts without an interception. Patriots’ director of player personnel Nick Caserio was asked about both during the just-completed Tuesday conference calls.

“It’s a team-wide thing; it goes both ways,” Caserio said of the advantages of winning the turnover battle. “They understand ball security and ball possession, we preach it to the players and they take ownership of it. And vice-versa, we’ve been able to get (the ball) from the other team. … In the end the players deserve a lot of credit and it’s in their hands. Really, there’s nothing more important than ball security and ball possession on every single play.


“There’s drills that you can do during practice but in the end in a game it’s a different situation. When you possess the ball there’s more chances to score, and in the end that’s what you’re on the field for.”

A former college quarterback, Caserio certainly has an appreciation for what Brady has done, dropping back to pass 319 times since his last interception.

“Tom deserves a lot of the credit, he and (de-facto offensive coordinator) Billy (O’Brien), the time that they put into it every week to prepare,” Caserio said. “He makes good decisions with the football, as a quarterback you have to make them quickly, and they’re going to be under duress. He prepares diligently and he practices the same way; there’s been situations when the ball has been batted up in the air, but it’s a credit to Tom, and a credit to the offense … in the end, Tom is the one pulling the trigger. Turnovers have made a difference for our team this year. It’s really a remarkable streak.”

Bill Belichick was asked about the play and versatility of Eric Moore, who played a number of snaps on the defensive line.


“He played some inside, in more of a 4-technique, he also played some outside in wider alignments,” Belichick said. “He’s a pretty versatile guy. (Where he lines up) is always a combination of game plan and availability, matchup, all those things have to be taken into account. Since he’s been here he’s done a nice job showing us the versatility that he has … he’s done a good job for us.”

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