Suggs changes his tune, votes for Brady

FOXBOROUGH — Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs changed his story today as he told reporters in Baltimore he did indeed vote for Tom Brady for the Pro Bowl.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Suggs said he was able to put aside any differences to vote for Brady. Last week, Suggs said he didn’t vote for Brady and gave his votes to Philip Rivers, Peyton Manning, and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

But he changed his story today.

“Let’s go ahead and let the cat out of the bag: We did vote for him,” Suggs said. “We’ve got quarrels and our beefs but you got to respect play. It was kind of decided as a unit who we vote for. We did vote for him.”


Brady was among those selected for the Pro Bowl that will be in Hawaii the week before the Super Bowl. Those participating in the Super Bowl would not play in the Pro Bowl, which gave Suggs one last hope for Brady.

“One of us is not going to get to play in the game,” said Suggs, who also was selected to the Pro Bowl as a reserve. “I hope he has a good time in the Pro Bowl, and hopefully everything goes according to plan, I’ll be watching him from Dallas.”

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