Terrell Suggs can’t stop talking about Brady

Oh to see the Baltimore Ravens in Gillette Stadium on Jan. 16. Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs can’t get Tom Brady off his mind.

In October, Suggs had plenty to say after the Ravens left Gillette with a 23-20 overtime loss.

Last month, Suggs inched his way back into the New England headlines when he said he didn’t vote for Brady for the Pro Bowl. A few days later, Suggs said he did vote for Brady.

So after all of that, Suggs is talking about Brady once again. In a Baltimore Sun post you can find here, Suggs gave an explanation about how he ended up in a scuffle with Cincinnati wide receiver Jerome Simpson. The reason could have been Suggs showing a little sense of humor but either way it’s interesting.


“He came saying Tom Brady was his favorite quarterback,” Suggs said. “So, it was instantly beef. It was rap beef, though, it wasn’t street beef.”

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