Colts 7, Jets 0: Halftime thoughts

INDIANAPOLIS – A few halftime thoughts from Lucas Oil Stadium as the Colts lead the Jets 7-0:

  • As poorly as Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez played (9 of 19 for 84 yards, 1 INT, 38.0 rating) they only trail by seven and get the ball to start the second half.
  • The Jets are not going to win if they continue to rely on Sanchez to do it. He is not a franchise quarterback. The Jets are built on defense and running the ball. They should know who they are by now.
  • Nice gameplan by the Jets against Peyton Manning, playing a lot of tight man to man and not blitzing very much. Manning is having a hard time getting many big plays.
  • Of course they got one – the 57-yarder to Pierre Garcon – when cornerback Antonio Cromartie and safety Brodney Pool failed to execute a Cover-3 scheme. Both those guys are brought in during the offseason for this game.
  • Losing Brad Smith (quad) is a big blow for the Jets. He gave them a huge advantage on special teams that could hit big at anytime. That’s just about gone at this point.

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