Tom Brady on Cromartie’s comments: ‘I’ve been called worse’

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Much like his coach, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady isn’t about to get into a war of words with anyone on the Jets this week.

Brady spoke to the large media assembly at his locker this morning and was asked if he had any response to the obscenity-laced comments made about him by Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie.

“I’ve been called worse,” Brady said when informed that Cromartie called him an [expletive]. “I’m sure there’s a long list of people that feel that way but he’s a good player, [Darrelle] Revis is a great player. They’ve got a great secondary. They’re one of the best defenses we face. We’re going to spend a lot of time preparing for them.


“What they’re capable of doing over there, shutting down the Colts offense like they did, was pretty impressive because we know how good that offense is, but we’re going to get ready to play.”

Brady was also asked about pointing at the sidelines after big plays and other so-called “antics” as described by Jets coach Rex Ryan earlier in the week.

“I’m an emotional player, so it’s all in the spirit of the game and the competition,” Brady said. “I don’t know [if there’s anything to Ryan’s observations], he can probably answer that better than I could.”

Brady was asked if it was a little more fun to face a team where there is strong dislike on both sides.

“Is it more fun? It’s always more satisfying to win,” Brady said. “Especially in games like this, not that you need more satisfaction to win in a game like this because it’s the biggest game we played all season and I’m always satisfied when we win. I think there’s certainly big games that we had against them. The last game at home was a very big game, that was very satisfying, so this one will be satisfying also if we win.”


Regarding all the talk coming out of Jets camp this week, Brady wasn’t fazed in the least.

“We’re spending our time getting ready to play,” Brady said. “I don’t think we’re spending our time figuring out what we can do to combat what people may say about us. Not everybody has great things to say about our team, or our organization, or certain players. And that’s kind of the way it’s always been so… we’re just going to do our talking on the field. I think that’s what we’ve always chosen to do.”

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Brady said the outcome of Sunday’s game will determine if all the talk had any effect.

“We’ll see,” he said. “We’ll see on Sunday afternoon at 7:30 p.m. That’s when everybody will be able to tell whether it played a role or not. We’ll have to wait and see.”

The Patriots quarterback was also asked about comments made earlier in the week by Ryan that questioned Brady’s commitment to studying the game.

“I do what my coach asks me to do and however he feels I need to prepare, he’ll let me know,” Brady said. “We try to win games, you know? Look at what we’ve accomplished over 10 years and I think that speaks to the whole preparation of our team. That’s why we play, we play to win games more so than anything else. You’re not trying to do anything other than win. The goal of playing football is to win, every time you take the field, score more points than the other team, however you need to get that done, that’s what you need to do…”


“We don’t engage in it very often,” Brady said about all the pregame talk. “Every once in a while maybe someone will say something, but for the most part our team has just stayed the course, spend our time preparing for the other team… We can sit here and say a whole bunch of things, too, but I think we realize it’s really not the point of what this team’s all about, what this organization’s all about, all the way from the owner of our team, to the head coach of our team, and that trickles down to the players.

“Now other teams may have a different view or perspective of how they want to handle things. When you’re representative of the organization like the Patriot team is, that’s how we try to conduct ourselves.”

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