Cromartie stands by his comments

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Antonio Cromartie didn’t back off an inch today after calling Tom Brady a remote orifice on Tuesday.

“It may be a strong word, but that’s the way I feel,” insisted the Jets cornerback, who reaffirmed that he hates the Patriots quarterback. “It’s ongoing.”

Cramartie said he traces his feelings back to his rookie year with the Chargers, when New England danced on their field after their comeback victory in the 2006 playoffs. Cromartie also implied that other defenders around the league feel the same way about Brady.

“You have some guys who aren’t going to speak their mind,” he said. “I’m going to speak my mind.”


Cromartie, who declared he “can’t wait ’til Sunday”, wasn’t interested in Brady’s reaction.

“I don’t care,” he said. “Next question.”

Cromartie said that his teammates hadn’t said anything to him about his comments and Rex Ryan joked with him about it before practice.

“I did say that they’ve got somebody in New England that they dislike more than me now,” the Jets coach reported, “So I felt pretty good.”

While Ryan conceded that Cromartie’s seven-letter phrase “was a little strong for me”, he didn’t disagree with the sentiment.

“You shouldn’t like the opponents you’re up against right now,” he said. “This is the playoffs. I can tell you our whole football team respects Brady, respects the Patriots. But hey, we don’t like any of them right now and we shouldn’t. Danny Woodhead is a great kid but I can’t stand Danny Woodhead right now. Trust me, the feeling is mutual.”

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