Rex Ryan: ‘We let our guys speak. We don’t tell them what to say …’

FOXBOROUGH — Jets coach Rex Ryan didn’t know his cornerback Antonio Cromartie had a few colorful things to say about Tom Brady.

Once Ryan was filled in by the New England media this morning, he said he wasn’t going to apologize for the comments.

“First off, in this country you’re allowed to have opinions and all that kind of stuff and obviously as an organization we respect Tom Brady, there’s no question about it,” Ryan said. “Hey, is there dislike between us and Brady and Brady against the Jets and all that, of course there is. But am I going to punish Cromartie for saying something or whatever? No. I know one thing, we respect New England but we don’t fear them. A comment like that is just the fact that they’re the enemy as we look at them this week.”


Can a little trash talk cross the line?: “Realistically, I’m sure that’s basically what it was. It was a comment that was made. Trust me, they’re saying a lot worse about me and others here, maybe it just wasn’t printed.”

Do the players follow your lead?: “I think maybe they do follow my lead in the fact that you know what, we can say what’s on our mind or whatever. I don’t say, ‘whatever we do, don’t say this or don’t say that.’ We’re a transparent organization. We let our guys speak and we don’t try to tell them what to say or what not to say.”

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