Ryan: Brady was looking at sideline

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Jets coach Rex Ryan doesn’t think it was a coincidence that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady looked at the New York team’s sideline in the late
stages of last month’s Monday Night Massacre in Foxborough.

“He was definitely looking over there for some reason,” Ryan said. “Maybe he was looking for somebody. But our job, my job, is to keep him from doing it.”

Did Ryan consider it a form of taunting?

“Yeah,” he replied, “And it should be penalized.”

Not that No. 12 doesn’t have the right to pour it on if he cares to.


“Brady’s a great competitor, and if he can stick it to you he’s going to, just like we’re going to do to him if we get that chance,” Ryan said. “The great thing about Brady is he thinks he’s going to win every game. That sounds real familiar because I know that’s how I feel. I think we’re going to win every game. He feels the same way. He gets to go out and prove it on the field and I get to watch.”

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