Divisional round picks

Let’s see if we can do a little better than last week’s 1-3 performance, shall we?

At least my one winner, the Packers, are a team I’ve covered this season. So I’m not a total idiot. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Ravens 20, Steelers 17: Provided Baltimore figures out a way to, you know, account for Troy Polamalu this time around, it should win. The Ravens have more overall talent than the beat-up Steelers. Ravens must take down Ben Roethlisberger and get a big game from Ray Rice.

Falcons 30, Packers 27: I’m not completely sold Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez can deliver their first career playoff victories — there’s just something about them — but Green Bay is coming off a short week and its offense always short circuits for a time on the road. It’s imperative the Falcons get off to a good start and take advantage of any Packers struggles. Because at some point in time Aaron Rodgers is going to catch fire and look out. And the Falcons must do something schematically to get Roddy White away from Tramon Williams. He’s just too good. In the end, this is where not having injured tight end — and matchup nightmare — Jermichael Finley catches up with the Pack.


Bears 30, Seahawks 10: Again, not thrilled about the Jay Cutler and Mike Martz combination in a big game, but Seattle is just not that talented. It won’t be able to shock the world away from Qwest Field. And while, yes, the Seahawks beat the Bears at Soldier Field earlier in the season, it was before Lovie Smith’s intervention with Martz.

As for the Patriots and Jets….you’ll have to wait until later online or tomorrow in the paper to read by prediction column.

Have fun today and check me out on Twitter at @Greg_A_Bedard where I’m sure to have a few comments throughout the games today.

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