Jets 28, Patriots 21: Postgame report

FOXBOROUGH – Yeah, sure, we all saw that one coming.

The Patriots’ season came to a sudden halt tonight at Gillette Stadium after the Jets beat the Patriots 28-21.

(Yeah, tell us something we don’t know).

Ok, let’s just get into some random thoughts. There will be more in the coming days as I get a look at the TV copy of the film. Because this one is going to need to be poured over and dissected.

Here we go:

  • As bad as this loss feels, remember that this was a gravy season. The Patriots are actually set up much better for the future and for a run of sustained success with six high draft picks this year.
  • That being said, the Jets hit on the weak areas that we saw from the Patriots this season but didn’t really want to see;
  • The offensive line wasn’t as good as advertised. Tom Brady’s quick release and the short passing game made it look better than it was. If you could figure out a way to take away the quick stuff and make Brady have to hold the ball a second longer, then that makes all the difference in getting pressure. There’s a huge difference in a 3 second pass release and one that’s 4. Huge. I’ll be interested to see what Brady’s average was getting rid of the ball;
  • I’m sure some people are going to mention Randy Moss today. Yes, Moss would have helped today – but only if you could have Deion Branch and Moss. Don’t know if the Patriots make it here with out Branch. But the Patriots need someone to develop into a legitimate deep threat, whether that’s Brandon Tate, Taylor Price or someone else.
  • It can’t be understated how much Brady’s interception gave the Jets confidence. It showed Brady was invincible, like Drago in Rocky IV. Sometimes you just have to be reminded;
  • The fake punt, apparently done on the call of Patrick Chung, was just a terrible mistake.
  • Taking Branch away from Brady by putting Darrelle Revis on him was a smart move. Similar to what the Packers did with Tramon Williams;
  • Jets were much better coached and focused with their coverage. It was tighter and made the Patriots uncomfortable;
  • I always wondered what would happen if the Patriots’ defense stopped getting turnovers. They are now 1-3 with the one win being in overtime;
  • The lack of pressure generated by the Patriots (zero sacks) was not surprising. It had been an issue all season;
  • So was the run defense if a team was committed. Jets threw 25 times. They ran 29 times for 120.
  • The 14-play, 48-yard drive in the fourth quarter (7 plus minutes off the clock) – one of the most fruitless drives I’ve ever seen — happened mostly because the Jets were rushing three with eight in coverage. Brady either had to hand it off or hit a checkdown. That’s where you miss someone who stretches the field;
  • Amazing the Jets had such a field position advantage – 28 to the 45 – with P Steve Weatherford putting up a 22.3 net;
  • Biggest drive in the game – and a lack of a stand by the Patriots – came late third/early fourth after the Patriots had gotten to within 14-11. The 58-yard catch/run by Jerricho Cotchery was an absolute killer.

OK, it’s time to head out. We’ll be talking soon.


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