Polamalu gets Holmes’s vote

The Jets’ receiving corps received a big boost this year when the team traded for Santonio Holmes, the former Super Bowl MVP whom the Steelers let go for a fifth-round pick.

While Holmes said he got any animosity he felt toward Pittsburgh out of his system during New York’s regular-season win over the Steelers last month, he still has a healthy amount of respect for at least one of his former teammates.

Asked about Pro Bowl safety Troy Polamalu, he of the hair so lush it gets its own website and million-dollar insurance policy, and his ability to make game-changing plays, Holmes was extremely complimentary.


“With all due respect, I honestly think Troy Polamalu is probably the greatest player I’ve ever played with or ever seen play in person,” he said. “Everybody has their one person they think is the greatest player; in my eyes he’s the greatest player I’ve ever played with.

“The things that he did in my four years of being there, prior to me getting there, was just disrupt a team. He’s jumping over the line of scrimmage at the snap of the ball, he’s tackling runners in the backfield, he’s jumping up, intercepting the ball one-handed, he’s returning it for a touchdown. He’s doing numerous things.”

Polamalu did not play against the Jets in the Dec. 19 meeting, a 22-17 New York win.

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