Goodell addresses injuries from falling ice at stadium

DALLAS – Here’s the latest on the injuries that were sustained at Cowboys Stadium today, from the NFL

  • A total of seven people were injured when snow and ice fell from the stadium roof today. None of the injuries were life threatening.
  • All seven people went to the hospital, five drove themselves.
  • Of the two who were transported by ambulance, one had a head trauma/concussion and is stable and will be held overnight for observation. The other was a shoulder injury.
  • All stadium entrances have been closed except for the truck tunnel.

After an announcement dealing with the league’ s Play 60 campaign, Goodell was asked to comment about the injuries:

“Obviously that’s something that’s you want to always avoid – safety is the No. 1 priority – but you’re dealing with some unique circumstances around the stadium right now. What we’re focusing on first is the people that were injured. The second is the safety of the people around the stadium, make sure that we can secure the area so they can continue to do what they need to do in a safe environment. I think they’ve taken the appropriate steps. But right now we’ll just be focused on the people who were injured and hope that they will be well.”

As to whether with the temperatures set to rise, whether the necessary precautions are being taken as far as the ice:

“Yes, they’ve already had, I believe, a helicopter going around identifying where this could be an issue. The likelihood is they’ll have to get somebody up there to get the snow off as soon as possible. So they’ll likely be going up first thing tomorrow.”


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