Win over Patriots also worked well for future champions

With my look today at how the Packers, like the 2007 Giants, viewed their close late-season loss to the Patriots as a defining moment on their road to the Super Bowl title, I didn’t have a chance to get into something else on a related topic: it’s not just NFC teams which lose to the Patriots that go onto great things.

Since the Patriots last won the title in ’04, every champion has either beaten New England or suffered a close loss to it during the regular season.

Here’s the list:

  • ’05 Steelers (L, 23-20)
  • ’06 Colts (W, 27-20)
  • ’07 Giants (L, 38-35)
  • ’08 Steelers (W, 33-10)
  • ’09 Saints (W 38-17)
  • ’10 Packers (L, 31-27)

Seems like a bit of a statistical oddity there. Wonder how many times that has happened before, especially since none of the teams came from the AFC East, the Patriots’ division.


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