NFL, union agree to 7-day extension

CHANTILLY, Va. – The National Football League and its players’ union have agreed to extend their collective bargaining agreement for another seven days, sources confirmed.

The CBA was set to end at midnight tomorrow after a 24-hour extension was agreed to last night.

The new deadline is 5 p.m. next Friday. Talks are expected to continue in front of federal mediator George Cohen on Monday.

Teams are not permitted to make roster moves during the interim. The extension is only for talks on a new CBA.

This is definitely a positive step and shows both sides have made some progress in the past 24 hours and they believe the framework is there for a new deal. That being said, there is much to hash over next week, most notably the final split of the league’s $9 billion revenue.


The extension delays decertification by the NFL Players’ Association and the CBA drama moving to the court room.

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