Faulk’s knee better ‘each and every day’

A rehabbing Kevin Faulk estimates that his right knee is at 70 to 75 percent and said he’s taking his recovery one stage at a time.

Speaking this afternoon, Faulk said his knee — he tore his ACL against the Jets in September — is “coming along; it’s stages and we’re in the next stage. It’s getting better each and every day.”

Faulk and Patriots receivers coach Chad O’Shea visited cardiac patients at Brigham & Women’s hospital, including one very knowledgeable fan, Mark.

Though all of the doctors and nurses knew that Mark would be getting a visit from Faulk today, they tried to keep it a secret from the patient. Mark, who studied journalism in college and wants to be a sportswriter, grilled Faulk and O’Shea on everything from Faulk’s rehab to the Pats’ receivers and the process of evaluating college players for the draft.


Mark also had to know: Did Faulk see the video of Tom Brady dancing at Carnival in Brazil? They laughed at Brady’s dancing (in-)ability, but Mark said he can’t joke on Brady too much since he is married to Gisele Bundchen.

Before long, Faulk and Mark were exchanging online tags to play each other in Call of Duty.

After visiting patients (O’Shea politely declined to chat), Faulk said his biggest concern has been not taking steps backward after he’s made so much progress.

“I’m a running back; I want to run,” he said.

Faulk hasn’t yet made a determination on his future as far as playing again next season; there are too many variables right now, he noted, including the resolution of the collective bargaining agreement. If there is a lockout, Faulk, who has been at Gillette nearly every day rehabbing, will head to his home state of Louisiana to continue his recovery.

His 70 to 75 percent estimation isn’t from team doctors of trainers, he noted, it’s his own number. But to him it is important.

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